Uptown Sunday

Uptown Sunday

At the risk of being a bore about how much I love living in New York (too late, I know)…I really love living in New York.


3 thoughts on “Uptown Sunday

  1. I don’t blame you – that is one city that I think I’ll always regret not living in (excuse that terrible grammar, please!)

  2. I’m still in the infatuation stage, nearly a year after getting my place here. Had a conversation last night with an Antipodean friend who told me all the things she didn’t like about New York, and I think – as with most things – it comes down to what you value. She loves San Francisco, which just goes to show that it does take all sorts…

  3. I think I could be contented in any number of places, to be honest. I would very happily live in the middle of nowhere (and intend to do that, one day), but if you’re going to live in a city, I reckon New York must be one of the finest cities to choose. And Sydney – that place is awesome.

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