Police chase, 23rd & 3rd.

I feel safer in New York than in any other major city I’ve lived in or visited. Police are everywhere, people are always around, and street lighting is pretty good. I only have felt scared once: Last week, walking home from TriBeCa, the financial district was a bit too quiet and untrafficked for my liking.


6 thoughts on “Coppers

  1. Same in London. By around 8pm the city is eerily quiet and feels abandoned. But at the same time it made me look around and for the first time I noticed a big fig tree growing on the side of a house behind a wall.

  2. I always get wierded out when no one else is in sight. Getting rarer these days
    but still happens occasionaly.

  3. Most areas in Manhattan are pretty alive and well-lit even past midnight – I often walk home from W. Houston after midnight and it feels like 9PM. But the financial district is a bit of a ghost town at night, because it’s such a daytime hive. I thought to myself, “If I didn’t know where I was or what was around here, I would be a little scared.” Then I got a little scared. Doh!

  4. Like that day we cut down the alley and I was thinking, “WOW i would never walk through here but if Jackie thinks its OK…….”

  5. I must admit, walking from Rayner’s Lane to West Hampstead is a safe walk (the nicest bit on Friday was the top of Harrow-on-the-Hill), but there are plenty of parts of London I don’t trust.

    What angers me is that the New York example since 1975 proves that one can improve, whereas we accept decline in London. Another town I generally find safe is Paris, though that’s probably because of where I hang out rather than the whole city.

    Frankly, I’m glad you’re in NY.

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