On the F

On the F train

I love New York’s subway system almost as much as I do the Paris Metro. Even the fonts make me happy.


5 thoughts on “On the F

  1. I really love your pictures Jackie, although they make me miss NYC and the East Coast so much.

    The #6 train is my favorite. It takes me to all the best places and I know how to get where I’m going from its stops(the one exception being the west village. Aside from walking,that area always confuses me and I’m usually there at night, at a restaurant.)

  2. Michelle, thank you. My favorite line…hmm, maybe the 1? Funnily enough, I am in the West Village as I type this and I get turned around here when I walk around the diagonal streets in the W. 4th/W. 10th area. Love the opportunity to explore, though.

  3. I love that you’re so in love with where you live, JD. I both love it and am quite jealous of it!

  4. Jacq, thank God – I’m sure a lot of people are bored with my swooning by now, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

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