Missing Paris

Eiffel Tower, 2008

When I lived in London, I went to Paris a lot – always on the train, often just for the day. (Haircuts are way cheaper there, even with the Eurostar ticket.) I’ve been back there only three times since I moved back to the US three years ago. The last trip was one year ago, to present at a conference, and was both the worst and best time I’ve had there.

Must return soon.


3 thoughts on “Missing Paris

  1. We’ve booked a flying visit to Paris this summer. My second-oldest niece is heading out for three weeks in June and we’re spending half of it in France, so we’re going to get the train to Paris from my in-laws house one morning and return the following evening. I can’t wait – my last visit was for NYE 2008 and it wasn’t fun: freezing cold, and with my parents being so annoying that I wanted to push them both into the Seine and run away.

  2. You crack me up, Mrs. C. My last trip involved a supremely annoying, tiresome personal situation. But three of my friends came over from London (separately) to see me, which was incredible. They made me laugh and reminded me of what really mattered to me, cheesy as it sounds. Thanks to Dan, Daniel, and Antoine!

    BTW: Your lucky nieces! I want you and Tristan to be my auntie and uncle.

  3. Yep, we figure that we have a lot of absenteeism to account for, so this is a good way to do it. My oldest niece (who had her trip in 2005 and is in her final year of school) is planning to come back for a gap year in 2011, which is fab. As I’m the only one of my siblings who has done something other than get married, have kids, and stay in our home town, I figure that I have a bit of an obligation to show the nieces what else the world has to offer.

    Mind you, if we have kids of our own to pay for one day the younger nieces (and nephew, currently only 5) might find that the auntie and uncle travel fund is slightly less generous!

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