A new game

T*by Y**ng

It’s called “evade the fameball’s Google Alert”. T*by Y**ng has made a lucrative career out of being a professional failure, and is unabashedly narcissistic. So I wonder if he’ll find this without help. (Taken in Green Park, London, in 2006 during a video I shot of him paying tribute to Cathy Seipp for her LA Press Club roast. All I remember of that day is that the skies opened as soon as we finished filming. Also, I had met and interviewed TY in 2001 and he had no memory of me, which I chose to take as a compliment.)


2 thoughts on “A new game

  1. “How To Lose Friends and Alienate People” may very well be the most cringe-inducing memoir I’ve read. On the other hand, I am indebted to him for the Graydon Carter quote, “You should just assume that everyone in Hollywood is Jewish AND gay.”

    1. I highly recommend Tom Perkins’ memoir, which was so cringe-inducing (and awfully written) that I wished I could throw it out the airplane window on a SF to NY flight. It’s TERRIBLE. Silicon Valley people really are nuts, and not always in an interesting, fun way.

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