Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Heart of Brooklyn

The only way to get a hipster-free picture in Williamsburg is to point your camera at a wall.


3 thoughts on “Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  1. The New Yorker had a piece on May 1st called “What to buy in Brooklyn” all about bonkers hipsters and their shopping habits, it made me laugh, did you see that? (Well yes you do, in real life!) Not online sadly.

  2. Alice, I have been taken aback at how strong my distaste for hipsters is. I was in a room with about 30 of them and I felt like I wanted to flee the room. This is definitely my problem and not theirs, but I’m trying to work out why I felt SO stabby. Maybe it’s because I’m sure 99.9% of them are collectivists?

  3. I’ll be here all day if I get started on this one… and it wouldn’t be pretty, either. I’m strongly allergic to anything that feels superficial or fake to me. This is my problem too-total failure to compromise is an inconvenient life skill. Suffice to say I hear you 🙂

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