My next big thing

Starting next week, I will be acting as head of communications and external relations for Concern Worldwide’s Innovations for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health. Innovations is working to deliver proven methods of reducing infant and maternal mortality in Sierra Leone, Malawi, and India, with three more countries to be added this year.

To say that it’s an honor to contribute to such important work is a vast understatement. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help the teams in those countries, and to make sure as many people as possible get to share their ideas with us. The stakes are so high.

It’s taken me a few months to decide what my next work move would be, but I was pretty sure I wanted to branch out of technology. I’m still entrepreneurial at heart, but I’ve found myself getting more excited by non-tech projects. It did me a world of good to spend several weeks outside the Silicon Valley bubble – weeks when I often wouldn’t even turn on my laptop. I even stopped obsessively reading my tech RSS feeds. At the same time, I got to devote more to voluntary work – primarily through New York Cares – and found in
that a calling I hadn’t yet recognized. Funny how things work out.

Lots of friends helped me decide my next move, asked the right questions, and gave me permission not to rush into anything I wasn’t truly passionate about. I can’t list them all, but must mention RND, Dan Barker, Pat Phelan, Chris Yeh, Adriana Lukas, Jeff Nolan, Joy Remuzzi, JP Rangaswami, Om Malik, Mike Masnick, Tim Peek, Ethan Dreilinger, Rishi Mallik, Bhaskar Roy, Ben Casnocha, and everyone from “PS50”. I’m sure I’m forgetting some people, but only because I’m a bit distracted. Thank you VERY much!


18 thoughts on “My next big thing

  1. Wow – so very happy for you Jackie. This is fantastic news – for you and for Concern. Can’t wait to see the trails you blaze.

  2. Congrats, love seeing all the big things you accomplish!

  3. Jackie, that is fabulous news, and you’ll be wonderful in this role. I’m so excited for you, and the organization. In my experience, it’s always worth taking some time to make a truly important decision, and a decision made with your heart is ultimately the most satisfying one. Hugs, and my best wishes in your new endeavor!

  4. Jackie, you’ll be good at whatever you do, and an asset to any organization. They’re lucky to have you. All best.

  5. Jackie – this is wonderful news. It also sounds like a terrific program. You will do them proud, I have no doubt.

  6. Well done Jack
    couldn’t be happier, I am positive you and Concern are on a winner here

    1. Just wait till I’m next in Dublin – we’ll see about “couldn’t be happier” then…!

  7. So glad to see you able to use your considerable intellect and beautiful heart in this work. Seems perfect for you. May you be happy and be a wonderful instrument for good in this new position.

  8. Well done Concern Worldwide and well done you! It sounds like a nice fit. I can imagine that you will bring a lot of know-how and energy to this and that it fulfills your life goals. I especially like the global scale and the ambition of your new role. I have no doubt that you will do this extremely well and add to your friends and fans.

  9. Fantastic, Jaq. I have a writer to hook you up with. Spent 17 years as a maternity room nurse, now travels the world writing about women’s maternal, neonatal, and infant health

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