I wish I'd bought her

Summary of the past week: Got a parasite, went to clinics in Dublin and London, got rid of parasite, had a weird but oddly wonderful weekend in London, and flew to Sierra Leone last night. I’ve had moments of feeling like that beaten up doll up there, but really, I’m grand (as they say in Ireland).

I just want to give a special mention to the excellent doctors who treated me in Ireland and the UK. Dr Graham Fry, who runs the Tropical Medical Bureau chain of private clinics, is easily the best doctor I have ever encountered. I wish I could have him as my GP back home. Once I’d left Dublin, he referred me to Dr Ian Campbell at Interhealth, who also gave me superb care. I was feeling fully recovered by the time I got to the UK, but it was very reassuring to be looked after by people who knew what was really happening and could treat me accordingly.

That said, I hope I never have to see either of them again.