Origin and status of the affair

Beautiful day in NYC

I took the photo above on Friday, from the rooftop of a hotel in midtown. It was a spectacular day.

One of the reasons I’m so enamored with New York is because I was even before I got here. I decided that this city was my future when I was barely out of diapers. (Same with London; this month marks 29 years since I decided I was going to live there. Four-year-old me made a good call there, too.) This was based on three things: 1) Books I read that were based in New York (Ezra Jack Keats’ picture books especially), 2) TV sitcoms set in New York, and 3) Madonna lived here and I wanted to spend every night dancing at the Palladium. I was a strange little girl.

I had no idea how unoriginal my dream was. I didn’t learn to care about such things until I was a bit older.

West Village stoop sitting with Freddie

Well, it’s everything I thought it would be. I got my place here about 15 months ago, though I did a lot of commuting to the west coast until January. The novelty hasn’t worn off, and the only thing I truly mind is the noise of the subway and, sometimes, the streets. (My apartment is in a wonderful development that is like living in a park, so I get almost zero noise at home. I take this for granted until I visit my friends here.) I’m no longer interested in spending nights at the Palladium, or indeed any clubs, and Madonna is another disappointment I won’t get into.

The photo above was taken as I sat on a stoop on Thursday with some good friends in the West Village. It’s the kind of thing I wanted to do when I was a kid, but there were no stoops in the middle of a farm in Ohio. So, at 32, I finally got the New York City childhood I always wanted.


6 thoughts on “Origin and status of the affair

  1. This post is where I need to send all my friends and family. It explains perfectly why I had to live in D.C., twice. And why I’m having trouble saying goodbye and going back to Ohio on Wednesday. I can’t walk across Pennsylvania Ave. and have a spectacular view of the Capitol in the middle of a farm in Ohio.

    My other dream is to get to NYC for at least a visit. Someday that will happen.

  2. Christy, I love your family! They’re great and so proud of you. Your family loves you and wants you close to them, which will never stop being the case. Ultimately, they may never all understand, but that’s okay. Being understood is more of a luxury than it feels like most of the time.

    Our hometown has a lot going for it, so it helps to acknowledge that. Shoot, I miss the countryside and the local charm, not to mention family and friends. The fact that life has taken you to DC doesn’t invalidate the lives of those who choose to stay there. (I’ve noticed a sensitivity about this.)

    Yes, come to NYC! Would love to see you again.

  3. I understand they want me close, dad wants to be able to help if something goes wrong. My Immediate family seems to understand for the most part that I need to go other places. It helps that I made it home for Brigitte’s Baby Shower and within 4 days of Eli being born and most other major events in the last year.

    There is a sensitivity about about people who choose to stay there. I think there is nothing wrong with it, but, as of this point in my life, it’s a great place to visit, but not to live.

    I enjoy going home. I’m just not necessarily sure I’m ready to move back in with my parents indefinitely. Which is what is happening on Wednesday. I’m job searching and they provide free room and board. Mom will also do my laundry if I’m really good.

    I had an NYC trip planned for last weekend, the friend I was crashing with/going to be my guide ended up having to be in D.C. Hoping I can get there soon.

  4. “Madonna is another disappointment I won’t get into” … oh, I wish you would 😉

  5. New York is the place to be if you have a laser like focus on being the best there is so it doesn’t surprise me at all that’s where you ended up.
    I’m just glad you made a pitstop in Cincinnati before finding your way there.

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