What to do, what to do…

Jay Rosen:

We tend to think: big revelations mean big reactions. But if the story is too big and crashes too many illusions, the exact opposite occurs.

He says this about WikiLeaks and the documents they’ve started handing over to select media outlets. But I think it applies to life in general. I see this every day with people in crises of varying degrees. I’ve seen it in myself. Rosen continues:

Reaction will be unbearably lighter than we have a right to expect— not because the [matter] isn’t sensational or troubling enough, but because it’s too troubling, a mess we cannot fix and therefore prefer to forget.

In personal matters, often we know what we have to do to fix something, but we lack the courage to try. This is probably more unbearable* upsetting than not knowing where to begin.

* I was wrong to write “unbearable”. People bear it all the time, every day.