Say Yes – please

I will have more to say on adoption soon. But for now, I would just ask you to check out this video. If you’re a parent or considering having children, please think of adoption not as a “Plan B,” but as a choice as legitimate and worthy of reflection as biological parenthood. There are 143 million orphans in the world, enough to comprise the world’s seventh most populated nation. If you can help one of them, please seriously consider doing so.


2 thoughts on “Say Yes – please

  1. I couldn’t agree more: there are more than enough children in the world, but not enough children being raised by loving parents. I would love to adopt (and would almost choose it over having kids of my own). Sadly, it’s not an option for us for dull, health-related reasons.

  2. Thanks Jackie. Such beautiful young souls looking for love. I hope they find it!

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