Say nay to Ché

My friend Michael Jennings, on holiday, writes from the former Soviet Union of an earlier stop on his trip:

I did see an “El Commandante” bar in Bucharest with a picture of Che Guevera on the wall. You would kind of think that if there are any people in the world that would properly understand that murdering communist dictators are bad, it would be the Romanians. But apparently not.


4 thoughts on “Say nay to Ché

  1. Nope! He aided dictators in their dirty work of slaughtering innocents. I think that’s why Michael didn’t say that Che himself was a dictator.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Well..I know that there are some who’d probably agree with this overall condemnation of the man, but…although it’s not something I feel strongly enough to argue about by any means…I think his role was a bit more complex than that blanket statement implies. Some, in fact, might assert that he helped overthrow bloody, oppressive dictatorships. I’d encourage some unbiased research on your friend’s part.

      1. Well, Michael can defend his own qualifications if he wishes, but trust me: He knows his stuff and has come by that knowledge honestly. I think the Cuban soldier I met a couple of weeks ago on the anniversary of the revolution – standing on a street corner in Murray Hill with some of his fellow Cuban veterans, begging people not to forget the atrocities carried out by Guevara and Castro – would beg you to take a look at the research they and their dead brethren did.

        People try to equivocate that Guevara was a “less bad” homophobic tyrant because…well, it makes them feel better for some reason. But he was a monster.

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