Gramercy Tavern

Gramercy Tavern

Forsythia FTW!


6 thoughts on “Gramercy Tavern

  1. Hey Jackie, you know that this is named after Bruce Forsyth’s great grandfather, and acclaimed botanist/park planner?

    Yes, that Brucie!

    Catriona xxx

  2. Ugh, NO! I was already annoyed at the name, because it reminded me of Brucie. Now that I know there’s a direct tie, everything is wrong in the world.


    So lovely to get a comment from you, pretty lady. I think it’s been TEN YEARS since that night in London. xx

    1. 10 years, oh my good gawd! How did that happen?

      Hope you’re doing well – you certainly seem to be! I’m not so good at the moment, a touch cancerish which is a huge pain in the arse, but all sorting itself out nicely. Can’t wait til end September so all chemo/surgery/radiotherapy at an end and life returns to normal again.

      Anyway, Brucie’s enjoying something of a resurgence over here – there’s been no escaping him of late. It is vile, and shouldn’t be encouraged!

      1. Oh, Catriona! Sending you email right now (I know, just what you need – cancer AND an overflowing inbox…).

        I’m so glad I fled the UK before the “Strictly” revolution. Can’t be doing with all that jaw.

  3. Hey there – my long beloved zoom email address disappeared a couple of years ago and now I still keep finding places where I signed up with it and forgot to update it! Grrrr!

    Try It will be good to hear from you!

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