Raker Raker!

Raker (not her real name) is someone I met more than a decade ago when I was in the UK. It’s been nearly ten years since I last saw her (on an outing in London to see the League of Gentlemen in Art, which was fabulous). She’s one of the coolest people EVER and now has a blog. The strapline:

baby, crafting, more baby, then probably more crafting.. NOW WITH ADDED CANCER!

Which tells you all you need to know about this lady’s mettle and sense of humor. I miss her!


7 thoughts on “Raker Raker!

  1. Aw Jackie D, what a lovely mention!

    In your absence you’ve missed a couple of LoG side projects. if you ever get a chance to see them, watch out for Psychoville!! Also Benidorm (ITV comedy about package tour inmates, starring Reese Shearsmith & Johnny Vegas. Excellent for ITV!)

    Any time I see these people on anything, I immediately think of going to see ART with you!!

    1. Reece Shearsmith and Mark Gatiss are both on Twitter! I saw Mark Gattis in person in London about five years ago, at the gala (!) celebration of the 15th anniversary of “Mamma Mia” in the West End. Don’t even ask how I ended up there, on the red carpet, next to three of the members of ABBA…

      1. Ooh, is that the one Agnetha didn’t turn up for at the last minute? If only you’d had a blonde wig in your bag that night!

        Mark Gatiss wrote/narrated/acted in a fabulous 3 night ghost story for BBC 4 last Christmas – truly creepy! And he’s massively involved in the Dr Who juggernaut, so he pops up quite a lot.

      2. Did I ever tell you that Russell T. Davies named Rose’s mum in “Doctor Who” after me? (I know how wanky that sounds, but it’s true.) He warned me that she was “a bit mutton dressed as lamb” but said it was no reflection on me, which was sort of worrying. But I still haven’t seen the show!

  2. Just realised looking at that comment that I should really update my little avatar thing – I’m now as bald as a coot!! But had last chemo yesterday, and hair should start growing back within a month, apparently!

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