Applause for applesauce*


One of my favorite things about this time of year is making homemade applesauce. You can get apples REALLY cheaply – I see offers of 3lb for $1 at farmers’ markets, but usually stick to 89 cents per pound totes containing half a peck of apples. When I eat raw apples, super-crisp is the only way I can bear them. With applesauce, even mealy, floury apples can be turned into something special. I leave the peels on for extra nutrition (and extra laziness). Chop the apples roughly, dump in a pan with a couple tablespoons of water, let cook and break down and turn into applesauce with almost zero effort. No sweetener necessary, just great cinnamon (Penzey’s “Extra Fancy” Vietnamese Cinnamon is the best on earth).

I make bulk quantities and freeze single 6 oz servings. I always feel more secure with emergency applesauce around. That’s not too weird, all things considered.

*When I was a little girl, I’d misread “applause” as “applesauce”. I always wondered why people on TV cheered wildly for applesauce.