Christina Kelly has a blog

How did I just find out about this? I loved her writing when I was a teenager and she was the coolest twentysomething in New York. Now she’s a fortysomething mother of two in New Jersey and is still cooler than 99% of the people haunting this city. I’m so excited to have access to her voice again, after more than 15 years without it.

Side note: A few months ago, I was with some friends in the West Village when a guy walked by and exchanged waves with my friend David. I asked who that was and he replied, “Mike Flaherty.” I was all, “THE MIKE FLAHERTY?” and David had no idea why I was wigging out. After all, there are a lot of men by that name in New York, and what was so special about Mike Flaherty, David wondered. Turns out it was THE MIKE FLAHERTY, Christina’s former colleague from Sassy, and he was super polite when I forced David to introduce us. I quoted some of his 20-year-old writing verbatim, momentarily forgetting not to show my true psycho colors. Mike told me he loves meeting Sassy fans, since a lot of people don’t know how culturally significant it was and don’t believe him when he tries to explain. How sad!