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Malcolm Gladwell recently got some attention for a writing a New Yorker piece dumping on Twitter, saying that “real” revolutions come from the strong ties that bind people together, rather than the “weak” ties found on Twitter. But, as many people have already responded, this is totally missing the point. This isn’t just about “Twitter,” either, or about whether a group of folks online were able to change the course of history yet. They haven’t. But, to ignore the rising power (for good or bad) of groups of people who can connect (often anonymously) in a distributed fashion to do things that shake foundations and lead government officials to demand they be killed, suggests something a bit more powerful than just a bunch of folks talking about eating lunch on the internet.

-Mike Masnick, The Revolution Will Be Distributed: Wikileaks, Anonymous And How Little The Old Guard Realizes What’s Going On


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  1. Reminds me of people who pointed to the frivolous nature of some blog postings to trash the idea of blogging. I think it was Brian Micklethwait who noted this was like picking on the banal content of a few individual telephone conversations and concluding that the telephone was an insignificant invention.

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