Guess what (redux)

View of Eiffel Tower from room

View of Eiffel Tower from Costes K Hôtel. (The original Hôtel Costes, in the 1st arrondissement, is a much more opulent, sensually stimulating, less trend-conscious place to stay.)


2 thoughts on “Guess what (redux)

  1. rates from $432? WOW.
    Its funny as we walked around Paris we talked about all the things we’d do different the next time.
    Even though we’re not planning on returning any time soon, I guess its all part of the process of discovering a new place.

  2. I stayed at the Hôtel Costes – this one: – in January 2008 and LOVED it. It is by far my favorite hotel in the world. The Costes K Hôtel was a letdown in comparison – stayed there around Christmas in 2008 and found it a bit too trendy (Alexander McQueen had an apartment there and it’s very “current” – I prefer the style of the original Hôtel Costes).

    PS I am not enough of a spendthrift to stay at either of those hotels on my own dime. Someone else paid.

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