As close as I like to get

Champs Elysées

Sorry, but the Champs Elysées is just a wider version of Oxford Street.


7 thoughts on “As close as I like to get

  1. And its even a longer walk than it looks and crowded.
    If I had know we might have just skipped it, but we didn’t.
    Still you’re in Paris so, really how bad is that?

  2. I knew there was a reason we hung out there right after christmas: it’s not terribly crowded; I guess folks are on holiday.

    We had a mind to try it for New Year’s last year. Bad idea. We got right back on the Metro and celebrated in our neighborhood. Much better.

    1. My feeling is, if I wanted to hang out with tourists and people who can’t walk faster than 1MPH, and gawk at tacky merchandise, I’d never leave CDG airport.

      1. And the shops seem mostly to be big chain stores anyway, all the same stuff that you can find elsewhere. So it’s not even uniquely French as a shopping experience.

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