Snow + Instagram = FURY

Wanted to sit on a bench outside my apt and talk to @karridwitte. Kinda tricky to get to it, though.

Some people are ENRAGED by photos of the snow (yawn!) and the use of Instagram. Far be it from me to deny them their hard-earned anger!


3 thoughts on “Snow + Instagram = FURY

  1. The amount of anger that instagram has generated on twitter is amusing.
    How dare everyone be so creative!

    Remember Piatt Park that morning Cincinnati received a 13′ dump?
    Seemed like we had downtown all to ourselves.

    1. I don’t think using Instagram is creative in itself, but it makes photos more interesting. Really, if it upsets you, you have bigger problems than Instagram.

      And yes, I remember that morning well. The plows on Fountain Square!

  2. Jackie is the reason I signed up to Instagram because I think the pictures look great it you use this software for it. I can’t quite get my head around that people are annoyed by it… life is too short. What’s their problem? I am not on twitter but might google it now, I’m a nosy woman 😉

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