Wag Vir Groen

Wag Ver Groen

There’s a lot to rant about, in the world and online, this week. (I’m looking at you, every single self-appointed political pundit with access to a keyboard and an internet connection.) I find the whole business pretty ugly; perusing my friends’ Facebook status updates has rarely filled me with such gut-wrenching sadness. So while I’m full of opinions on EVERYTHING, I’ve decided that the world will survive without me blogging them. You’re welcome.

More to the point, I would like not to feel so disappointed in people I otherwise like and treasure. This means I need to make their opinions on world events less important to me in the scheme of things. I suspect that my own must take a similar demotion in order for this to have the desired effect.

So if you see me this week and want to talk about the state of the world and who’s to blame, please forgive me if I politely change the subject. I just can’t afford to give myself that green light.


One thought on “Wag Vir Groen

  1. I honestly have no idea why I’ve never read/found your blog before.


    This is now fixed for 2011 and you’re going straight into my Greader.


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