Blogs are for kvetching, right?

Home in NYC.

I think that in order to feel genuine love for a place, you have to know how awful it can be. Or at least that is what I thought yesterday morning when Park Avenue’s corners were more like rivers that needed to be rafted upon in order to cross the street. A colleague of mine said he’d expect such poor drainage in a place like Freetown, but not in New York City.

What can I say? I love New York.


One thought on “Blogs are for kvetching, right?

  1. He’d better not move to England, he’ll find it even worse here! I still don’t mind the flooding and the potholes and the trains that never run on time (or not at all) and the striking unions that bring misery to travellers (and other people)… you’ve got to take it with humour, otherwise what’s left? 😉

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