The Distributed Party Of ‘We’ Is Already In Control

Techdirt is hands-down my favorite blog – consistently solid, well-argued, and just plain right.

I could re-blog every post they write, but try to show some restraint. This one is worth passing along, though. A taste:

In the past, with traditional systems, if you didn’t agree with something, you would just protest. But if you look at what’s been happening lately, when the public doesn’t agree with something — official secrecy, draconian copyright laws, censorship, privacy violations, etc. — rather than just protesting, they’re simply routing around those things. It’s an incredibly important point. They’re not protesting by saying “this will not stand.” They’re protesting by saying “your laws don’t matter, because we can simply route around them.”

That’s a hell of a lot more powerful than most people realize…Whether or not you want to call it the “We Party,” it does seem clear that a large (and growing) group of people have realized that code trumps laws, and no matter what laws are put in place to try to beat back code, code will always win.

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