On the 211 from Chelsea to Waterloo

I’ve become one of those insufferable people who ask if you can meet at 10.30PM after my flight lands or 7AM before my next flight takes off. Which is why my overnight in London will not be a waste of time.

I miss London – ten years there at a relatively young age tricks you into thinking that’s where you grew up. But a) I didn’t really grow up and b) it’s better as a tourist.

Above, the best photo I ever took of London – totally unedited and shot from the top deck of the bus to Chelsea as it crossed the Thames.


One thought on “Londinium-bound

  1. Those are EXACTLY my sentiments about London. I was there for the last 10 years of the millennium, my first 10 after university. Have missed it ever since, with absolutely no desire ever to move back 🙂

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