RIP Sayulita – Honoring the Dead in a Mexican Cemetery

More Michael Gold photos

HIGHLY recommend this photo exhibition at 54th & Lex. I keep coming back.

Every day since I started my new job, I’ve been going to a church around the corner so I can grab a little quiet time in the midst of a very hectic schedule. Sometimes I go before work, at 7.30, but most days I run over at lunchtime.

They always have interesting art on every floor, with the lobby level showcasing a selection of rotating shows. They started hanging these photographs by Michael Gold on Wednesday, and I’ve had to run over and stare at them every day since. If you’re in midtown, stop by sometime and check them out at St Peter’s Church, 54th and Lex. (Exhibition open from today through April 11, opening reception March 10, 5-8PM.)


One thought on “RIP Sayulita – Honoring the Dead in a Mexican Cemetery

  1. Dear Jackie,

    I am so very appreciative of your comments RE: my photo show at Saint Peter’s Church of the Mexican cemetery. Actually, a friend of mine found your blog and was kind enough to have forwarded it to me. I will be giving a gallery talk in Saint Peter’s on Sunday, March 27th at 3:30PM, so if you’re in the neighborhood, do drop over and say hello. With much gratitude and warm regards,
    Michael Gold

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