SXSW so far

Bumped into old London friend @lloyddavis - a nicer man you will not meet.

I’m here for work, so I came with the expectation that I wouldn’t get to see any of my friends. I’m pleased to say that I was wrong.

The great thing about SXSW – which can also make it exhausting – is that so many people are here. People you’ve known for years, people you’ve met once or twice, people you only recognize from their Twitter avatars…all of them are in this one square mile.

So I’ve been thrilled to bump into so many friends and people I admire, including Adriana Lukas, Mike Masnick (author of my favorite blog of all time), author Gretchen Rubin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sean Percival, Caroline McCarthy, and Christian Payne. (Above, a friend from my old life in London, Lloyd Davis.) I haven’t gotten to see a single panel or talk yet, but spotting a familiar face across a crowded convention center hallway is a bigger thrill for me. (That said, the panels and keynotes have sounded super-interesting. My colleagues have been blogging some of them, and I’m gutted to have missed the ones on rehabbing corporate culture, online privacy and the digital self, how farmers are using mobile technology and how everything would be better if we approached life from a gaming angle.)