Only words; source unknown

I was with one of my mentors on Monday night, and two hours into our conversation she pulled a slip of paper out of her wallet and put it in front of me. It read:

“One day it will all be a distant memory, yet I can tell you now, with the supreme confidence of someone who’s gone ahead in time to know, that you’ll look back on this life and be so flush with love and admiration for yourself, your journey, and who it made you, that you’ll wonder, as I do now, how it could possibly have escaped you then.”

I’ve shared this with a few close friends since then, and it has found some appreciation. I’m putting it here in the hope that it will speak to someone else.


2 thoughts on “Only words; source unknown

  1. You know some fabulous people!

    Have a great weekend. It’s gorgeous here, for 1 day only obviously. I’m sure it’ll be foul again tomorrow, but I’ve actually been in the garden in shorts today!

    1. Shorts! I’m BEYOND jealous. It’s cold here…but at least it’s sunny.

      And yes, I am surrounded by fabulous people! Lucky me.

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