Isabella Gracyn

Isabella, my best friend @karridwitte's delightful 2-year-old. Love this girl.

I always knew, even as a teenager, that I would love any child my best friend had. That was partly because I loved her mother, and partly because we had both agreed never to raise bratty children. But I really had no idea just how much pleasure I would get from watching this little girl’s personality emerge. If I had to sum her up in five words: curious, independent, imaginative, smart, and headstrong.

Isabella's artistry

She is also showing early signs of artistic talent. Isabella is two years old and draws like this! Don’t try to tell me most two year olds can draw a frog that well. I couldn’t even do that now. (She didn’t copy or trace anything, just drew it freehand from memory.)

Isabella's artistry

Isabella is very much into art supplies right now, and I want to get her something she’ll love. Any suggestions?


One thought on “Isabella Gracyn

  1. Does she have an easel? There are some that have dry erase boards on one side, chalk boards on the other and then has a role of paper that you can pull down also. Some even come with a lot of storage for all the supplies.

    Or a good table that has a wipe away surface for when the table gets more color then the paper.

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