Concern Spring Run

We got our numbers for @Concern Spring Run tomorrow! cc @yogi2316

So I’m doing this tomorrow, though my orthopedic surgeon would prefer if I didn’t run just yet. It’s only four miles, but we’ll see.

I was pretty low key about fundraising, since I had my hand out for two other major charity benefits not too long ago. So I was thrilled to exceed my fundraising goal by quite a bit, and am so grateful to my friends who donated.

Concern is an incredible organization (I worked for them until the end of February) and 94% of all funds are spent directly on programs, not admin. This money goes toward programs in 28 of the world’s poorest places, where Concern’s nearly 4000 staff have been working for years.

We’re still short of the overall fundraising goal of $150,000, sadly. If you have the means to help support programs that assist people in lifting themselves out of poverty, you may give via my page. I can tell you, having seen it with my own eyes, that every penny is put to good use.