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I just had the most fun weekend back in Cincinnati. I want to write a very detailed post, soon, about all of the reasons why I love that city. It’s not the part of Ohio where I’m from, but I lived there for a year, and I could happily live there again (someday).

But for now, I just want to reflect on how much I loved being reunited with these fine people (and more than a dozen others with whom I, unbelievably, did not take photos). I bumped into Bob and his wife Erin Marie as they celebrated their anniversary with a picnic on Fountain Square in 2007, very randomly, and quickly started spending as much time as possible with them. Blake approached me at a party in that same year, after recognizing me from my blog (embarrassing!). As for Mary, that’s a long story, but let’s just say it was love at first sight – she’s kind of like a mom to me, except we never fight and I’m the bossy one.

Blake is visiting this weekend. Will the rest of you please follow suit?

Sunny Sunday in the beautiful glass box that @5chw4r7z & @ms5chw4r7z call home!

What better way to run down my phone batteries waiting for delayed flight than looking at pics from this weekend?

BFFs - dinner with @marygruber, Steve, Susan, Bill & Tom


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  1. And I knew you from the Supper Club blog but back then I was afraid of being a stalker. Can’t imagine what our lives would be like if you hadn’t walked over and said hi.
    Can’t wait to get to NYC this fall.

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