Russian whirlwind

Sunny day in Moscow today - always expected I'd see it dreary & wet.

I spent all day Saturday in Moscow and Zelenograd, the administrative okrug of Moscow that is also known as the Russian Silicon Valley. Qik, which was a start-up when I was their director of marketing (it was bought by Skype for $100 million in January), was co-founded by a Russian software engineer named Nikolay. Nick and his wife are two of the kindest people you could meet, which I knew before they spent Saturday taking care of me like family. With their lovely young children Daniel and Amy, they took me all over and made sure I saw as much of Moscow as I wanted. As I was running on almost zero sleep since Thursday night, it was an exhausting day – but a special one.

Me on zero sleep at Moscow State University today

I have a lot to say about my Russian experience, but I’m going to keep my counsel for now. I’m headed back there tomorrow, just for one night, and then back to New York.