What I really want

There are many things that keep Silicon Valley disruptive. The most important thing is fresh blood – new people with lots of energy, new ideas and absolutely no concept of the “way things are done.” The kind of person who sees a wall and thinks “Do I climb over it or do I tear it down,” but never thinks “Oh, I can’t go past, someone tell me what to do next.”

Nice post from Mike Arrington. As it happens, this is also what I look for when deciding whether or not I want to work with someone, be it the day job, volunteer work, anything. This is what I look for in a friend, too, now that I think about it. No enthusiasm? No excitement for the day? I don’t think we have much to do together. Just sayin’.


5 thoughts on “What I really want

  1. That is a great way of putting things. I might have to post that on my wall at work as a reminder to keep that “climb over or tear it down” mentality. Especially with the negativity I’ve faced in just the first week toward new ideas.

      1. Jackie, I can see why you would post that for me to consider also. It adds another view point on how to go about approaching things. I’m not planning on going crazy as I move into things, but I have to remember to keep my excitement as I get the chance to breath new life into a program.

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