“What do you do?”

Despite loving my work, I’ve always hated that question. Ben Casnocha says:

Generally, the harder it is to explain to someone you’ve just met at a cocktail party what it is you do on a day to day basis, the more interesting the work you’re engaged in.

Then he shares this from Arnold Kling, which I wish I could transmit to every high school senior and college freshman in America:

A job seeker is looking for… a well-defined job. But the trend seems to be that if a job can be defined, it can be automated or outsourced.

The marginal product of people who need well-defined jobs is declining. The marginal product of people who can thrive in less structured environments is increasing.


2 thoughts on ““What do you do?”

  1. This is very true.

    When asked “What do you do?” I usually just respond, “I make websites & mobile apps.” If they want to have a deeper conversation then I’m happy to go into more detail.

    1. But that’s true! It’s not the most detailed answer, but it’s true. It’s harder for people whose job isn’t to “make” something tangible.

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