Feminism, Barbara Walters-style

Hey guys, you know what’s super feminist? When a woman objects to being subjected to a “joke” about how she should be shipped to the Middle East and gang raped, just tell her she’s being overly sensitive and that if you could deal with people making fun of your speech style for decade, she can deal with media figures fantasizing about her sexual brutalization.

Honestly, Barbara Walters and Joy Behar are making me feel sorry for Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and that makes me uncomfortable. I expect Bill Maher to be a smug jerk, but the pass those two women gave him was inexcusable. But at least they’re not Republicans, right?

#notarepublican #notafeminist #weepforhumanity


2 thoughts on “Feminism, Barbara Walters-style

    1. I’m sure that’s right. These women don’t feel any shame or guilt for what they said – they truly believe they are correct.

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