The Queens of Montague Street

We live like this

I am taking great delight in the fact that my friends Hillary Johnson and Nancy Rommelmann are beating Bill O’Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Barbara Walters and various other insufferable celebrities on at least one of Amazon’s bestseller lists. Get Nancy’s novel for free while you can, or grab her essay on being a teenager in 1970s Brooklyn (named by Longreads as their number one read of the week!) for 99 cents.

Above, Hillary and Nancy work from the hotel room Nancy and I shared one weekend in LA back in 2006, when we gathered with about 100 others to roast our dear friend Cathy Seipp. I love these people, and am forever indebted to Cathy, may she rest in peace, for bringing me together with them. It is at times like these when I feel most strongly the injustice of her passing. She’d be so thrilled for her friends – and not just because she wasn’t an O’Reilly fan, either.