Sh*t People Say at SXSW

Don't be jealous. Me + Xtranormal

You know six dozen versions of this video are coming. Omar Gallaga and I have already started writing the script for whomever wants to run with it.

“I haven’t been to ANY panels!” (on day four)
“Escalator’s broken.”
“Our app is a Facebook killer. Hey, wait, come back!”
“Did you bring a power strip?”
“Can I borrow your iPhone charger?”
“My iPhone is dead!”
“It’s okay, my iPad has a camera. Don’t worry, the resolution is so low, you won’t even look like you have a hangover.”
“Guy Kawasaki is an investor.”
“Ashton Kutcher wanted to invest, but we turned him down.”
“We’re this year’s GroupMe, except we’re still in stealth.”
“Mike Arrington hates me.”
“There’s already a line for the keynote!”
“Are you getting on the bus to Salt Lick?”
“Is there a Foursquare venue for this panel?”
“I heard Lady Gaga is playing the Twitter party.”
“I heard Bill Clinton is the surprise keynote.”
“I slept 45 minutes last night.”
“I’m pretty sure my Klout score proves that I’m an influencer.”
“Is that Mark Zuckerberg? Oh, no, it’s the falafel trailer guy.”
“I haven’t paid for a meal or a drink for three days.”
“Want to hit the grilled cheese truck? There are six different ones.”
“Your panel isn’t at the Convention Center or the Hilton? Well, tell me the hashtag for it and I’ll tune in from the blogger lounge.”
“I haven’t left the Driskill bar for 36 hours.”
“Breakfast? I had disco fries and a quadruple espresso at the CNN Grill.”
“We’d better get in line for the Zynga party while it’s only six blocks long!”
“Is that a Trey Ratcliff photowalk or the line for the secret Facebook party?”
“I wanted to book a table for more than 10 people at Champs, but the manager said I have to go through SXSW.”
“Are you SURE that’s not Mark Zuckerberg? Oh, wait, it’s the janitor.”

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3 thoughts on “Sh*t People Say at SXSW

  1. oh that’s badge only
    i know someone who can get us in
    too. much. drinking.
    did you rsvp?
    what does their wristband look like
    hows the line
    my feet hurt
    i need a red bull
    who’s giving out free coconut water?
    at&t sucks
    does this place have an outlet?
    i didn’t meet up cause my phone was dead
    god how am i going to make it through 5 more days?!
    purevolume at 3am “yes free tacos!”

    1. “Don’t you know who I am?”
      Can you get me into that?
      I have Southby-SARS
      I have Southby-Swine Flue
      I haven’t had a vegetable in 5 days.
      Are the shuttles still running?
      Can you believe it’s SXSW ALREADY?
      What’s your Twitter?
      Do they have food?
      Is it open bar?
      God, I’m sick of barbecue.
      God, I’m sick of Tex-Mex.
      Damn Hipsters.

  2. Yeah, Scoble was there.
    Austin is, like, an oasis in the middle of Texas.
    Ohmygod that’s soooo Austin.
    I recognize you from your Twitter picture.
    I have to buy some boots while I’m here.
    I’m blogging for [insert car company] this year.

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