Outrageous Fun

Times Square, Super Bowl Sunday

I absolutely love Path‘s latest upgrade, with fabulous tilt-shift and filters that can give a surreal look to a simple iPhone photo of Times Square. (People who rail against mobile photo apps and their filters: We get it, you’re too hardcore to have fun. Carry on!)


2 thoughts on “Outrageous Fun

  1. Despite the little…uh…situation earlier in the week, I’m really enjoying Path. It’s oddly compelling watching friends “go to sleep” in the app, one by one.

    1. I just love the small size of friends – it feels like a warmer, more intimate version of FB, but with a slate wiped clean. My policy is that I don’t connect on Path with anyone from work, friends-only, and I know many others are doing the same.

      So I was alarmed and upset by Path uploading users’ address books to their servers. But I’m glad they’ve climbed, down (http://blog.path.com/post/17274932484/we-are-sorry). But I gotta wonder if Dave Morin – with whom I have many mutual friends – was emboldened to violate user trust by working under Mark Zuckerberg all those years.

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