Social Media Week

Attention, stalkers! I will be speaking on this Social Media Week panel at the Gershwin Hotel on Wednesday – that’s tomorrow – about agencies acting like start-ups. Here’s the blurb:

Most agencies share key ingredients of agile software companies, like designers, programmers and project managers. But do they have they essential patience to iterate and persist throughout a profitable product’s lifespan? And is coding products in-house just a great exercise, or is a viable new business model emerging? Brian Morrissey, Editor in Chief of Digiday, will moderate a panel of agency innovators that have experimented with the open social graph and worked to develop their own in-house tools, toys and applications.

As a recovering start-up junkie who broke her “I will never join an agency!” vow to do just that, I’ll have a different perspective than the other panelists, I suspect. A bloody fistfight may break out! Well, I doubt it, but you never know. Better come along just in case.