@junglerock – your Girl Scout cookie hook-up

This Is My Jam

“Bill is like a 17-year-old boy in a suit,” I told my friend Dan before introducing him to Mr. Hartnett. “He is all about music and uses more social media than I do.” While the two of them spent 15 minutes getting coffee (it takes that long at Roasting Plant), they bonded over music and were fast friends by the time they returned to the table I was holding for us. (Dear Roasting Plant: Sometimes groups of more than two people want to drink coffee and hang out. You might consider creating seating options for them.)

Bill is a father of two who is passionate about two things: 1) his kids and 2) music. I met him when he was at NBC, and he’s now working all the hours God sends at Current. But beyond TV, I think of him as the one who has tried every cool app months before anyone else I know. Above, he’s showing off the latest (and best named): That’s My Jam.

As for his kids, they are extremely cute in a non-annoying way. His daughter last year set a goal to sell 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, which she handily achieved. This year, her goal is 500 boxes. If you’re in NYC or Hoboken and you want some, drop me an email or comment by Tuesday (TODAY) and I will hook you up with Bill. They’ll personally deliver every box, and they make great surprise deliveries for the ones you love or want to gain weight.