Out and proud (and cheap)

Guess who...

I have a treasured friend who’s an entrepreneur and angel investor, and also notoriously cheap (as many of the best entrepreneurs and investors are). We spoke briefly this afternoon, and I referenced arranging lunch for him, myself, and someone I want him to meet. Because I’ll do anything for an easy life, I added: “And it’ll be my treat.” His reply: “Well then I’m sure to find it worthwhile!”

This friend and I happened to speak again tonight, and God knows how we got on the subject (well, I do; it would be humiliating to explain), but I was telling him how amazing I find it that so many men in New York are leading double lives.

ME: So many of my gay male friends are having flings with straight guys.
FRIEND: If they’re having sex with other guys, they’re not straight.
ME: I know, but they pretend they are! They have wives, girlfriends – and then they go to the gym and hook up with strangers in the sauna. Male strangers.
FRIEND: Well, I can assure you that’s not the case in my marriage.
ME: God, I know that!
FRIEND: Good, good.
ME: There’s no way you’d ever shell out for a gym membership.

I should add that I know and admire this friend’s wife, with whom he is completely smitten. But yeah, he’s that cheap.