Friedman’s Lunch

I am obsessed with this place, and go there for brunch almost every weekend when I am in NYC. I’m usually with my friend Matthew, who is celiac and appreciates their many gluten-free options. I appreciate EVERYTHING, but my current fixation is the short ribs and caramelized onion over sweet potato hash browns, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise. (See pic below.)


Not shown: Their unbeatable sweet potato fries with bleu cheese aoli – insanely good. They also do the best reuben on the planet, and awesome latkes. Go to Chelsea Market: Friedman’s is toward the back. Fab service, too.


One thought on “Friedman’s Lunch

  1. This is why I enjoy your blog. I live in NYC, and I’d never find these great places. 🙂

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