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MFFO fundraiser

A couple of years ago, through the most random of events, I was fortunate enough to get involved with Racquel “Rocky” Turner and the non-profit she founded, Mothers Fighting for Others. Through a similarly random turn of events, Rocky had turned from a mother of six doing a three week volunteer stint in Kenya to the chief fundraiser and caretaker for an entire orphanage full of smart, beautiful young ladies just outside Nairobi. This short video tells you all you need to know about what she’s doing and why. Having spent a fair amount of time around people involved in non-profit settings around the globe, I can tell you that Rocky is one of the most genuine, trustworthy, effective workers and organizers I have encountered. She’s an amazing woman, and the world is richer for having her here.

Rocky and supporters of MFFO, including her husband Jeff, Audrey Forshey and her husband Mike, put on an awesome fundraiser every year at Audrey and Mike’s house outside Washington, DC. Rocky and Jeff fly in, and volunteers canvass the local area and nationwide for donations – everything from fine art, vacations, and spa excursions to brand new iPads to be auctioned off or raffled. With this event, MFFO is able to cover the total cost of the education needs for all 35 girls in Kenya. The support and sacrifice that goes into making sure these children receive a solid education is incredible.

Costs of running the girls’ home remain. As Rocky says:

Running a home for 35 girls in Nairobi, Kenya is less expensive than you might think, around $7000 US per month. That covers everything! This includes staff wages, rent, utilities, food and medical care. We’re looking for 600 people who can afford $12 per month. This will insure that our girls’ needs are met each and every day.

Do you spend $12 per month on gossip magazines, like I sometimes do (they’re my airport indulgence)? Often, my taxi fare across town when I’m too lazy to schlep my shopping bags on the subway will cost more than $12. Gourmet coffee at my workplace is free, but I usually stop at the corner store and drop $12 on a take-out breakfast on my way to the office.

My point is, if you can take the hit of $12 leaving your bank account every month, please consider putting it toward keeping these girls housed and safe. I can personally vouch for MFFO and the people behind it, and the fact that you will find fewer more worthy causes than caring for these orphaned girls while they work so hard to make their way in this world. Payments leave your account once monthly, not as a lump sum. Please donate here if you can.


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