Politicians are weird – and not in a good way

Responding to this good news from Guido Fawkes, my friend Paul Marks says via email:

One point I have noticed is the total lack of sincerity these three poltical leaders have.

They speak in cliches (about “Middle Britain” and so on) and all seem such uber professional politicans with no interest in anything bar the games of politics.

Not political ideas (certainly not) – just political games.

They have no lives or interests outside politics and no sincere beliefs (for which they are prepared to argue openly) even within politics.

It has long struck me as odd that most people don’t find this strange or remarkable. Politicians, by and large, are creepy and damaged. I can apply Paul’s remarks to the crop of US pols, too. They’re all freaks – and they’re in charge.

Anyway, continue arguing about which creepy jerks get to rule you come November…


One thought on “Politicians are weird – and not in a good way

  1. It began to make sense to me after reading a study that said most all politicians are sociopaths.

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