Financial literacy for kids, the fun way

If you’re anything like me, your school’s idea of financial education was to show you how to write a check. I wasn’t taught anything at school about saving, investing, giving, or otherwise managing personal finances. From what friends have shared, I know I wasn’t the only one who missed out on this. (I’m grateful to our mutual friends for introducing me to Ramit Sethi, from whom I have learned a great deal over the years.)

So when I think about teaching my own kids (who don’t yet exist, whew) about finances, I panic a bit. How do you make something so potentially complicated simple enough for children, while also making sure it’s not a drag? I have no idea, so I’m glad my friends Minxuan Lee and Audrey Tan have figured it out with their just-launched platform for kids’ financial literacy, PlayMoolah (use the code ‘playmoolahlive’ to get a 15% discount).

Minxuan and Audrey were interns at Qik, my favorite of all the start-ups where I’ve been fortunate enough to work. But they were a powerhouse team that exceeded any and all expectations of what interns could deliver, from branding elements to animated videos and enhanced user experience ideas. That comes across in the beautiful design of PlayMoolah, which teaches kids about money in a playful, fun environment. I absolutely love this product, and will be gifting subscriptions to the kids I love (only $55 US). I can’t recommend more highly that you check it out and consider doing the same. Because as well as being brilliant, driven, and dedicated to delivering huge value to users, Minxuan and Audrey are also two of the nicest people you could ever want to meet. I am incredibly proud of their shift from interns to start-up co-founders in such a short period, and wish them every drop of success they can gather. It’s so richly deserved.

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