Choices and breaks – #random

At the beach!

I’m taking a break from Facebook, which I didn’t think was a big deal but maybe I’m mistaken. A few friends have noted that they now feel less connected to me. That wasn’t my intention. I just found Facebook increasingly annoying – both content-wise and just by mere virtue of existing in my world. I like that it’s not been part of my life for the past week. I’m surprisingly more calm, what with not having to know about all the idiotic opinions of people I mostly like. (A friend suggested I just put the offensive people on mute, hiding their responses. But…I find pretty much everyone’s political views objectionable. That’s why the onus is on me to adapt, not them.) I have to go back in at some point to retrieve photos, I guess, but otherwise I think this break will be permanent.

I hit my limit with FB on July 3, the same day that I hit my limit with a couple of other annoyances. Thank God I remembered that I had a choice to eliminate them from my world or keep tolerating them. The most miserable people I know are the ones who have convinced themselves that they have no choices.

On Friday, I went to the beach with a friend and kept my phone turned off for most of the day. It was exactly what I needed. After returning to the city at around 7 that evening, I emerged from the subway at 53rd and Lex and felt like I had landed on a different planet – Planet Cacophony. Now I want to go to the beach every Friday.

Nothing is stopping me.

Edited to add: Brad Feld is, as always, very sound. Being productive doesn’t mean being crazy busy.

At the beach!


2 thoughts on “Choices and breaks – #random

  1. It’s astonishing the difference being able to take an hour or so to stroll by the sea or the banks of the Adur has made to my productivity. I love seeing people exploring new models of working. There’s too much harm in some of the old ones.

  2. I wondered where you’d gone. I for one will miss your obs on stuff. Hope I wasn’t one of those who pushed you off the precipice!

    Fwiw, I too do socmed a whole lot less these days too. I think I’m almost exorcised and cathartic bens have dwindled.

    Stay well JD.

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