SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum: Review

Reclining in the AA Admirals Club, SFO

Above: Nearing the end of a long day on a hectic work trip last week, no makeup on my skin.

First things first: My dermatologist gave me my first bottle of this for free, but I’ve since ordered two more bottles from Amazon (no, that’s not an affiliate link). This post wasn’t prompted by any PR outreach or other contact with the brand. I just love the product – the first skin care product I’ve ever felt I truly don’t want to live without. I’m glad I started it a few weeks before I turned 35; it’s been a great gift to myself.

In my first post, after I’d just started using this product, I noted my frustrations: the smell, the gigantic bottle for a mere one ounce of product, and the trouble getting both components of the serum to dispense at once. The huge bottle is especially inconvenient when trying to travel carry-on only. On a business trip last week, I put my bottle in my friend/colleague’s checked baggage, which was subsequently lost by American Airlines. I wasted no time in ordering a new bottle for rush delivery once it looked like I wouldn’t have mine back anytime soon. It’s that good.

I’ve talked at length with my best friend Karri about this, as she’s also been using the serum. She’s a nurse who has worked for years with various medical grade skincare products in a professional context, and as she puts it: Using this serum, you just know your skin has never been better.

For me, the most visible effect has been perfect, blemish-free skin ever since I started using the TNS Essential Serum. Probably because I have never smoked, haven’t had alcohol for more than half a decade, drink a LOT of water, have worn sunblock every day without fail for years, and only sunbathe once a year, I have pretty good skin in general. But I never expect it to be perfect. In summer, I always expect things to go a bit haywire. I even wear V-necks exclusively in the summer, because I always get heat rash when I get too warm (which I do, daily, wherever I am in the world).

This summer, using the TNS Essential Serum since the end of June, my skin has been so clear and peachy that I haven’t worn any makeup on my skin except the occasional under-eye concealer, powder, and blush. But most days, I felt fine going out without anything at all on my skin. Plus, I haven’t had heat rash even once. And I’ve gotten an unusual number of compliments on my skin and overall glow.

The only exception? The past few days, which elapsed between American Airlines losing the luggage with my serum in it and my rush delivery arriving. I’ve noticed a small, but obvious, degradation of the skin on my face. Luckily, my third bottle arrived in the past hour and I cannot wait to put it on after my nightly shower.

Yes, it’s expensive. (Don’t pay the $260 RRP – you can get it on Amazon for up to $100 less than that.) For me, even at full price, it would be worth it. Apart from the confidence of knowing your skin is flawless, it’s a huge time saver not to have to put on makeup in the morning. Bonus: If the short-term effects of this serum are so remarkable, I’m excited about what the long-term benefits will be.


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  1. Your skin looks absolutely incredible – and I love your ‘yep, my skin looks AWESOME!’ expression in that photo!

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