The Spa at Trump is the only reason to go to Soho

I absolutely detest Soho. Between the hordes of Eurotrash shoppers and the overall outdoor mall vibe, it’s a pretty easy place to hate. Soho is where good taste and shame go to die. But it’s also where the most perfect spa in the world is located, so I go there more frequently than I should admit.

I can make the case for what a great value for money The Spa at Trump is, and it goes like this:

The very sweet staff ask you to come early – hours in advance, if you’d like. If you do so, you can take advantage of the many amenities on offer, from the rooftop pool to the super fun eight-jet showers, the sauna, the tepidarium, the lounges, the magazines, the complimentary snacks and drinks, and food from the bar served to you wherever you are in the spa. Some of you might go early just to get maximum use from the space-age Japanese toilets.

Trump Spa at Soho

Then, after your treatment(s), you can claim your bed and the softest, best-smelling cashmere blankets on the planet in yet another relaxation lounge. Sip more of their Mighty Leaf teas, have the waiters bring you lunch, take a nap, go for another swim, hang out in the herb garden and play bocce ball in the outdoor rooftop area, grab another hot shower, wash your hair, and layer on all manner of Trump Spa products that are not for sale anywhere – not on the internet, and not in the spa shop. You’ll float out the door, guaranteed. I also seem to sleep more deeply after a visit to The Spa at Trump than I ever have in my life. It’s like non-chemical Lunesta.

Trump Spa at Soho

The spa is open till 9PM, and the genuinely warm, helpful staff encourage you to come early and stay as late as you want. It’s the best day off in New York, even if you can only find a few hours for it – and it’ll set you back as little as $123 (including gratuity, which they helpfully add to your total for you) if you take advantage of their specials. For example, today I had a 45 minute Swedish massage for $99. I was only able to get there 15 minutes early, but after my treatment I set myself up in the rooftop herb garden and hammered away on a work project, refreshed and energized. If you have time to REALLY relax, I highly recommend the Turkish hammam, which is like nothing else in this world.

Ivanka did an incredible job putting this place together. It would be a shame to live in New York and not go there a lot – Soho notwithstanding.

Many thanks to the generous guy who first gifted me with the pleasure of The Spa at Trump earlier this summer. Since then, I’ve always paid for myself, and have not accepted any PR freebies or discounts not offered to the general public. (Bloggers have to say this or I don’t trust their reviews, so it’s only right that I do the same.)

Trump SoHo New York
246 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013