Jean Paul Gaultier for Coca-Cola Light

Jean Paul Gaultier for Coca-Cola Light
My favorite purchase in Paris – and also the least expensive.


5 thoughts on “Jean Paul Gaultier for Coca-Cola Light

  1. Absolutely love this! The beret is the best part 🙂 I have a Christian Lacroix Evian bottle from a few years back, before he went bust, which makes a great vase. It’s covered with a white filigree type design, very Christmassy.

    1. I had an agnès b. Perrier bottle a few years ago, but lost it at some point. I am never opening this bottle! Was so relieved that I managed to get it back to the US unharmed (wrapped it in several layers of dirty laundry and a hoodie to make sure).

  2. I have a glass candle that matches that vase in the background…..British designer, yes?

  3. ah, yes….you are right!! I bought my candle in London….love the pattern and the fragrance.

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