Escape from New York

A lot of this around
Long story short: We live on the 14th floor of a building on the East River. So we got to watch the river break its banks and flow into our “yard,” complete with waves like you’d see in an ocean. We evacuated this morning since there was no power (and thus no hot water; our gas was cut, so we couldn’t even heat bottled water).

I’m on the Upper West Side with generous friends for now, but aiming to fly out of NYC on Thursday night. (I bought a ticket today, but LaGuardia isn’t expected to re-open until at least noon on Thursday.) We could be without water until after Election Day, so I may as well get away.

All of this to say: Alive and well. A bit busy. Don’t take it personally if I’m quiet and do not respond to email, texts, etc for a while.