Best, easiest brownies that didn’t come from a mix

Best, easiest brownies ever
Have you ever made homemade brownies? I have a few times over the years, but I was horrified both by the amount of butter used (nearly a pound!) and by the few seconds that could mean the difference between perfect, gungy brownies and dried out nuggets of blah. (Though the latter can always be heated and topped with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.) And honestly, I like brownies from a mix, because they are the only brownies I ate until I made my first homemade batch at age 27.

When I saw this Leanne Vogel recipe for chocolate cookies last night, I had to make them. There’s a dairy-free friend coming for supper tonight and I wanted to offer a great dessert. But I didn’t want to get my hands mucky, and I wanted to make them in my heart-shaped silicone muffin ‘tin.’ It occurred to me that, baked in thick enough mounds, these would be the flavor and fudgy consistency of the perfect brownie.

I was right.

When they had cooled off enough to be handled, I asked the guy sitting in my living room watching sports, “Do you want a gluten-free, milk-free brownie made with no refined sugar?” I could barely get the question out when he responded, “YES. They smell amazing.” Indeed. And they were a huge hit, with him and with me. Luckily there are four left for tonight’s dinner.

I modified the recipe slightly, adding a scant 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil – more to lubricate my 1/2 cup measuring vessel before portioning the honey than anything, though I do think it helps to have a bit of fat here. (If made into six brownies, each one has 183 calories, 5.5g protein, 30g carbs, 3.3 fiber, and 6.5g fat. One brownie is substantial, and you will feel totally satiated by a single serving. Promise.) Next time, I’ll make them in a brownie pan and cut into squares. Because there will so be a next time.

Best, easiest brownies ever


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    1. Leanne, it’s been a huge hit! My friend pointed out that the result tastes a lot like Emmy’s chocolate macaroons (that cost something like $3 each). Love!

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